April of April Pinto Photography sent us another stunner in this outdoor Aubrey wedding. Filled to the brim with a dusty rose pink, soft cream, and lush green color palette, it just screams Texas summer! The Grove in Aubrey, Texas provided the perfect outdoor backdrop for this sweet couple's affair. And the grounds around the venue provided the scenery for some of the most stunning bride and groom portraits I've ever seen. Dive into the gallery for even more breathtaking images. 

Bride and groom in the woods

From April Pinto Photography...Ben & Brennan's relationship has always been the easiest thing in their lives. It is the rock that holds everything else down. They've faced many challenges over the last 5 years since they fell in love. Mostly in the loss of their loved ones. In the first year of their relationship Brennan lost one of her best friends from college and her step father, and they each lost grandparents close to their big day. Throughout it all they both stood strong for one another. There was never any doubt that they couldn't depend on each other. Ben is the most open minded, easy going, silly, movie loving person and Brennan is always worried about the future, organized and super responsible  so they're a perfect match and balance each other out. Cheers to their new beginnings!  They both got new teaching jobs, got married, went on their honeymoon, packed, and moved to a new city all within two months. They're now enjoying every single moment of freedom before the school and football year begin!