How does a couple who shared a long-distance relationship celebrate their wedding day--why at an airport, of course! This beautiful couple decided that the Wichita Falls Airport would be a great venue for their celebratory affair. Laura Mayfield of Mayfield Events helped to plan this absolutely gorgeous affair. The white, black, and cream color palette allows the uniqueness of the space to shine through. Brides--don't be afraid to think outside of the box when choosing a wedding venue. Some of the most beautiful wedding venues are in very "non-traditional" spaces. Julie M. Photography was there to capture every heartfelt detail in this Wichita Falls airport wedding. There's more to love in the gallery.

From Mayfield Events...This wedding took place in the Wichita Falls Memorial Airport. The bride and groom wanted to incorporate details of travel into their wedding. The couple met on a cruise ship while the groom was living in Turkey. Over the last several years, the couple has traveled back and forth to be together, often meeting in airports.  It only seemed natural that their wedding would be in an airport.  The ceremony was located in the Jenny Airplane Exhibit of the airport and the reception was in the airport lobby. The bride even learned enough Turkish to share her vows as a surprise to him in his native language.