This next celebration is the epitome of classic elegance.  I am just in love with the whole tone and feel of this traditional restaurant Houston wedding.  Every detail is stunning, but nothing is over the top.  The couple's choice of venue set the timeless tone for the entire wedding.  Brennan's Restaurant in Houston is known statewide for its delicious cuisine, but it is often overlooked as a go-to wedding venue.  Well the restaurant serves as a perfect venue for weddings with its gorgeous outdoor courtyard and upstairs ballroom.  The venue alone would have been enough, but this bride and groom did not stop there.  The impeccable fashion, the fresh florals, and the timeless decor all make me wish so badly I was there to view it in person.  Not to mention it looked like they had the time of their lives at the reception.  Jonathan of Jonathan Ivy Photography had the privilege of capturing this love-filled affair.  His images are truly breathtaking.  Don't believe me-check out even more of his classic images in the gallery.