Hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen! This next classic meets industrial Houston wedding will make you want to change all of your wedding decisions. Perfectly marrying two distinct styles can be difficult to pull off. But this couple and their amazing team of vendors (led by the fabulous Skylar Caitlin of Chancey Charm Houston) knew exactly what elements to highlight to make sure everything came together seamlessly! From the classic Catholic church ceremony to the industrial warehouse reception, no detail is left to chance. Jacquelyn Nicole Photography was there to capture every stunning moment. Hop on over to the gallery for even more goodness!

From Chancey Charms...Damon's mother has collected mercury glass votives, candlesticks, and vases throughout the processing of seeing her children get married. Her collection had grown through each marriage until it took over more than it's fair share of the garage space. These collected pieces became the starting point for Erin & Damon's wedding design. Refined by the design eye of Shelley of Poison Ivy Floral, their historic venue came to life with a gorgeous mix of lush white and green florals, plush french-inspired lounge seating, and the absolute joy that Erin, Damon, and their guests brought to their wedding day. A fun, loving pair, the whole day felt relaxed, but elegant and utterly timeless. At the end of the night, we shuffled all their guests into the courtyard for a final, candlelit farewell while the bride and groom danced one private last dance together. I stuck my head in to see where in the song they were just as Damon placed a tender kiss on his bride's forehead. I may or may not a shed a few big, happy tears to see these two sweethearts getting their happily ever after moment.