Joyful Backyard San Antonio Wedding by The PK Photographs

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This joyful backyard San Antonio wedding looks like so much fun! Who wouldn’t want to go to a wedding that included backyard games to play or a donut bar to enjoy? Brilliant! A backyard wedding can be as formal or casual as the bride and groom want it to be. I love the table settings used for this reception. The wooden tables are so gorgeous there is no need for a tablecloth, and details like putting a sprig of rosemary on a napkin is such a nice touch. The dried herbs wrapped around the white wedding cake also go perfectly with the overall look of this wedding. Check out more photos from The PK Photographs of this wedding in the gallery.
Joyful Backyard San Antonio Wedding Joyful Backyard San Antonio Wedding Joyful Backyard San Antonio Wedding Joyful Backyard San Antonio Wedding Joyful Backyard San Antonio Wedding

From The PK PhotographsI was pumped to meet with Taylor and Aaron in San Antonio for their consultation. I had briefly met Aaron a little over a year ago when photographing his sister, Rachel’s, hill country wedding. At the end of Rachel’s wedding, my heart broke, thinking I’d never get to spend time with this beautiful family again. Lucky for me, fate had other plans.

When I arrived at Taylor and Aaron’s backyard wedding my jaw dropped. The details were perfect. From the bride’s shoes (handmade by the groom’s mother) to the flowers, everything was gorgeous, and it was a wedding that was 100% them. Shortly after I arrived, Taylor returned from the salon and it was time to get ready. Getting her son up from his nap, he wasn’t in love with the idea of getting ready but didn’t put up too much of a fuss. After getting ready herself, it was time for Taylor to knock Aaron’s socks off at their first look, something she did with ease.

Before we knew it, family photos were done and it was ceremony time! Taylor was walked up the aisle by her son (I swear, I didn’t cry) and a short, and very touching, ceremony commenced. I swear, it’s crazy how powerful love can be. A complete stranger could have watched their ceremony and felt, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how in love these two beautiful people are. The ceremony was followed by drinks, dinner, cake cutting, dancing, lawn games and conversation galore until it was time for the newly wedded couple to go off, and on to the rest of their lives together!

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