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Joshua loves Kariss. Kariss loves Josh. They met at Baylor University and have been inseparable ever since. Joshua is a tech-y! He graduated from Baylor University as a mechanical engineer and is the go-to-guy for equipment, technical advice, and the perfectly composed photograph. 

Kariss is a jack of all creative trades. She plays guitar, sews her own clothes, has an awesome blog, is a graphic designer, and most of all loves photography.

Joshua is a people person! He loves getting wisdom from those older than him and gets wildly excited about getting to know new people. He is a gentle giant and always towers above everyone in the reception. But, he will bend down at any time to get a chance to chat with you! 

Kariss's creativity shines through her photos. She loves to get to know brides and become friends so that she can better capture their day. So, don't be afraid to email anytime!