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Hi I am Lexie with Lexie Faucher Photography! I am located in Grapevine, TX and I am a boudoir photographer! My passion is with photography obviously BUT it’s about more than that. My passion for boudoir lies within the EMPOWERMENT!

My drive is in reaching all of the women that I can and helping each and every one discover their inner and outer beauty!

Self image is a huge thing that we struggle with! There are a million reasons why and I want to demolish ALL of them! I share so much about me through my website and social media because I want you to trust me and know that I want the best for you! I am here to help you SEE the beauty and FEEL the confidence and watch you walk out of your session feeling like a million bucks! You are AMAZING, GORGEOUS, CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL, ENOUGH!! (You may not know it now and that’s okay, we will change that!) This experience is for you to feel that again...because you truly are perfect right now. Empowering: Confidence | Beauty | Love | Strength | Community


Grapevine, Texas
United States
(210) 541-2146

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