I have a confession...I am not a fan of bridal showers (or any other shower parties for that matter).  Memories of being dragged by my mother to stuffy luncheons or overcrowded houses where I was forced to play silly games always come to mind when I think of shower parties.  But when Christa Elyce sent me the images for this bridal shower, I knew I had finally found a shower that I would have loved to attend.  A gorgeous garden themed Houston bridal shower set in a nursery which also functions as a world class restaurant-now that is a party I would have gladly run to.  After devouring these images, jump on over to the gallery to immerse yourself in even more prettiness.

Wedding Invitations

Can we just discuss the genius that is Artful Designs by Rachel Nieman.  Rachel you are sick with that calligraphy pen.  You are my idol, girl crush, and spirit animal all at the same time.

Wedding Venue