My husband is a huge fan of his college football team. On any given Saturday in the fall, you can be certain to find our television tuned to one of their games. But I am no stranger to this behavior. Being a born and bred Texan, I know how much people love their alma mater's sports teams. I am not sure how it is in other states, but here in Texas we take our alumni status seriously! So much so, that brides and grooms are always trying to find inventive ways to incorporate their alma mater into their wedding. Well I've rounded up the top 7 ways to make sure your school pride shines on your big day.

7 Ways to Represent Your Alma Mater at Your Wedding

1. College Poses and Rings

Grab all of your college friends and sing your school's fight song during the reception. Or bum-rush the photo booth and have everyone display the school logo or hand sign. You can even have your photographer take a "ring shot" with your college rings and your wedding bands. These are super easy ideas and cost little to nothing.

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2. Groom's Cake

Of course the most popular way to incorporate an alma mater into a wedding is through the groom's cake. From the most simple single layer cake to an elaborate mockup of your college's football stadium, groom's cakes are a great way to display school pride.

3. College Venue

Many couples met during college and they could think of no better way to start their life together than to hold their nuptials on the campus where they met. Lucky for you, many Texas college campuses open up for weddings and honestly, they are some of the most beautiful venues across the state.

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4. College Colors

For those who bleed their college colors, take it a step further and incorporate them into your wedding color palette. Now depending on the colors you have to choose from, this can be tricky. But if you stick to classic base colors (think black and white) and use you school colors as accents you can demonstrate great style wedding while still giving a nod to your alma mater, like this Baylor University inspired wedding.

5. Wedding Favors, Jewelry

For those looking for a subtler approach, specialty college cuff links are some of my favorites. A cuff link exposed from an extended arm, a tie bar visible from an opened jacket, are non-ostentatious ways to honor your alma mater.

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6. College Socks

How do you get the groomsmen involved? And give a great, inexpensive wedding gift? And have the potential for an awesome wedding picture? College socks. Yes, I know, the sock shot can be a little corny--but that is kind of the whole point. It's great detail that can add to a college themed wedding without being overbearing. Check out the great collection of NCAA college-themed socks (as well as other accessories) over at sports apparel giant, Fanatics.

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7. College Mascot

Have you ever heard of a college mascot being brought in as entertainment for a wedding? I hadn't until I saw it done on one of my favorite wedding shows. Surprisingly enough, requesting a college mascot to attend your event is not such a far-fetched idea. A quick review of collegiate athletic websites shows prices for a 1-2 hour appearance ranging from $250-400. A great wedding is in the in the details, and it's rare that $400 can create a detail that will separate your wedding from most others you have attended.

My husband loved our wedding, but one of his few design regrets is that with so many people from his school attending, that somehow he didn't have a college moment as part of the ceremony or reception. What are some of the well-executed collegiate concepts you've witnessed at weddings? Share your ideas and thoughts in the comment section below.