The wedding is approaching, and your guests start asking you about wedding gifts. You are still not sure what you want. The wedding registry is an important part of your wedding planning - it helps everyone save time and money. You are in search of inspiration for a perfect wedding registry, but don’t know where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 15 best wedding registry ideas from Wedding Forward to make your wedding gifts both practical and awesome!

15 Wonderful Wedding Registry Ideas: Number 7 is Absolutely Stunning

First of all, organize your list not to forget anything important. Traditionally kitchen registry items are number one on the list. After all, the newlyweds supposedly start their life together after the wedding. In this case, it comes as no surprise that the happy couple needs all the essentials. For a lot of people, it is still a kitchen that makes a house home. You two have been living together for a while now? Well, better still - here is your opportunity to get something you really need!

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1. Back to the Basics

When it comes to kitchen registry gifts it is necessary to make sure your list includes a multi-piece cookware set. If you like cooking, go for a 10-piece option with several non-stick skillets of different sizes and one or two saucepans. Add a high-quality wok option if you are a vegetarian, or simply like spicy Asian food. Don’t forget the tempered glass covers to match.

2. Be sharp!

If you are into cooking you can’t do without a nice sharp set of knives, complete on a knife block. A good, high-quality 5-piece set of knives and kitchen shears usually has every knife you might need for every day cooking. A sharp knife makes food preparation safer and easier due to a better grip control. Also, don’t forget a knife sharpener and a set of cutting boards! You’re going to need several of them in different sizes.  If you already have a perfect set of knives, maybe it’s high time for some new flatware - after all, your wedding means now you have a larger family. The options differ from silverware that can become a new family heirloom to a more practical set for less pompous events. 

3. Coffeeholic’s Special

Even if you don’t like cooking much, kitchenware is one of the best wedding registry ideas. Just imagine the aroma of freshly ground coffee - a coffee bean grinder is a must-have! What about a coffee machine? A manual espresso machine or a filter machine with hot coffee that’s always ready to drink! If you want to keep it simple - choose simple-to-use coffee pod or capsule machines. After all, a nice cup of coffee makes mornings much better!

4. A Good Ol’ Cuppa Tea

If you are a tea person, you definitely need a tea kettle and a French press. Get all the flavor from your favorite kind of fancy tea! Add a set of cute tea jars to store your collection of teas from around the world. Talking of tea… Porcelain’s been considered a great wedding present for centuries, and there’s a reason for it! High-quality porcelain sets can see more than one family generation. Cups and dishes, plates and saucers… Next time holidays bring all the family together, you will have everything ready!

5. Kitchen Devices

Modern technology makes our lives so much easier! A toaster, a panini press, a juice squeezer, a blender, and a food processor -  make a perfect breakfast for your loved one! A microwave oven or a slow cooker helps a lot when you are a busy person with no time for cooking. And, of course, a dishwasher is among basic essentials for any couple, willing to live happily ever after. No more quarreling about the dishes!

6. Bar Essentials

When the wedding is over you will certainly want to invite your friends for an after party. So if you think what else to put on the wedding registry, consider wine glasses. Red wine glasses and white wine glasses, or a set of champagne flutes to celebrate the big day. Glasses usually come in sets of 6 and 12 – depending on the usual size of your parties. You could also add to the list an ice bucket and tongs.

7. Sweet Memories

Want some fun wedding registry items on your list? Ask for an experience day voucher! First of all, you never know, what kind of experience is waiting for you. And it is a perfect chance to get into some kind of fun activity for the two of you! Be it a pottery class or a ride in a hot air balloon - unforgettable experience guaranteed!

8. Bath Time

If you don’t need any kitchenware at all, but want something practical and cozy - a pair of bath robes will be just perfect. Soft and fluffy, they will make your family life so much more comfortable! A set of bath towels would be also very much appreciated. 

9. Sweet Dreams are Made of This

Whatever other people might think, family life starts with a bedroom. A high-quality mattress pad means a lot for your sleep quality! And a set of bed linen is always a good idea of a wedding gift.  

10. The Great Outdoors

If you are an outdoor type of people, you might want a picnic basket. This is a great idea for a wedding registry. Such sets usually include everything you might need - from cups and plates to the blanket. 

11. Get Cozy

The level of your comfort is a lot about details. Decorative pillows and blankets to cuddle in, a pair of tongs for your fireplace, a cast iron hanger, a is your wedding and it’s up for you to decide what to put on this list. 

12. Photos are Forever

You are going to have lots of stunning photos after the wedding. Why don’t you ask for something to guarantee your memories are safe? A beautiful family photo frame or a photo album will help your happy memories last forever. If you want something more technologically advanced - choose a digital photo frame. This way you can upload all of your best wedding photos and enjoy them one at a time.  

13. Wedding Donations

We are living in a material world - and wedding costs are pretty high these days. Wedding donations can give a good start to a honeymoon trip or a mortgage. Or cover the costs of the big day.

14. Plane Tickets

Talking of honeymoon - plane tickets are always a good gift! Exotic countries, Europe, Niagara Falls, and Las Vegas are the most popular destinations for newlyweds!

15. Follow Your Heart’s Desire

Gone are the days when wedding registry included only household items. Why don’t you put anything you might need? Hobbies that you share can be a great source of inspiration. There are endless options for a non-so-standard wedding registry: some equipment for paragliding, horse-riding, or kayaking. Don’t hesitate to put the items that you really want. Each person is unique, and so are the gifts they might need.