This sweet Houston bridal shoot sent in by Raeleigh Photography is bright, lively, and simply delightful. Using the interior of a store as a location for a bridal shoot probably isn't something most brides would think of. But it's a unique and fun idea that more people should consider. I love the "put a ring on it" sign and the variety of angles and backgrounds the photographer used during this shoot. The close-up detail shots of the engagement ring with the bouquet are truly stunning. Check out more photos from this bridal shoot in the gallery.

From Raeleigh Photography...The inspiration for this shoot was the cupcake shop itself. The location is bright, fun, and laid back. We went into the shoot wanting to create a light and flirty vibe. We believe the fun environment, airy-ness of the dress, light colors of the bouquet, and the bride's smile represents exactly the feel we were going for. We hope this inspires other brides to think outside the box when it comes to their bridal shoots. I love fields, beaches, and barns, but there's just something about a bride in a cupcake shop that makes our hearts smile.