A barn, boots, and romantic ruffles...what more could a girl want?!  Tim of Tim Kyle Photography sent over this Round Rock rustic chic bridal shoot and I rushed to get it on the blog.  Bridal sessions can be so much fun for a bride.  It's a time for her to "test" out all of the attire she plans to wear on her big day.  But bridal sessions do not have to occur before the wedding day.  Brides now are opting to have them after the wedding day, in what many people term "Trash the Dress" sessions.  With this option, the bride doesn't have to worry about getting the dress dirty and can be really innovative with her locations and poses.  Either way, playing dress up in the dress of your dreams and having a photographer capture you in all of your glory is a dream for most girls.  Dive into even more loveliness on the gallery.