These Rice University Houston bridals put a huge smile on my face.  The bride is dressed to perfection in her fit-in-flare dress with that gorgeous jewel-encrusted back.  The location could not be more perfect-a sunny day in Houston on Rice University's stately campus.  But while all the details make for a pretty perfect shoot, I think what makes me smile the most is the bride's sheer happiness.  Maybe she's happy because she's excited to marry the love of her life.  Maybe she's beaming at how perfect the sunlight is shining knowing it will create some amazing pictures.  Whatever her reason, it goes to show that joy and happiness are some of the best things you can bring with you to any wedding-related photo shoot.  Your pictures are bound to be memorable!  Grif Kolberg had the privilege of working with this exuberant bride.  The gallery has even more to love.