Who says engaged couples have all the fun? This couple decided they needed a "re-do" of their wedding photos since it rained so hard on their actual wedding day. So they called up their photographer and created this amazing Plano day after session. So many brides agonize about the weather on their wedding day and taking the "perfect" photographs. But these days there is no need to stress about such things. If you don't get the photographs you want on your wedding day, a day after session can easily be arranged. And if your photographer is as cool as Cara Eliz, she'll even get a little dirty with you! Check out the gallery for more fun.

From Cara Eliz Photo... Meet Brittany and Jeremy Bay. Brittany is a fun loving mom, and also a photographer from north Dallas, and Jeremy is her best friend, her knight in shining armor, her soulmate. They are a super fun couple who had an amazing wedding day apart from the fact that it poured rain so hard, it kept them from getting the wedding portraits that they wanted. She contacted me to take some "epic photos" as she put it, of her and Jeremy in their wedding attire. They wanted to recreate a first look of sorts, so we decided to do a first look at the beginning of the shoot. She made sure to tell me to bring rain boots and to be ready to get dirty. Anytime a client says to come prepared with rain boots of course I get excited! It's not very often you have a client who literally wants to turn their bride and groom portrait session into a slight trash the dress session as well. So we headed down to a nearby creek at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve and decided to do their session smack dab in the middle of the water. Brittany was not afraid to get her dress dirty which made this shoot all the more fun! It was definitely all sorts of epic.