There's so much love in this New Braunfels wedding it just makes my heart swell.  The brides and groom's entire family rallied around them to make their wedding spectacular.  From hand making their altar cross to compiling all of the floral arrangements, this family really showed how it takes a village to put on fabulous affair.  The rustic, yet chic feel is the perfect decor theme for the Boulder Springs reception.  And of course Kristen Fields was there to capture every love-filled moment.  Take a look in the gallery for even more inspiration.

From Photography by Kristen Fields...Ashley & Keegan's rustic wedding was absolutely gorgeous from top to bottom and made all the better by the love (and maybe a little sweat) put into it by her marvelous and fantastically talented family. You may not believe it, but everything in this wedding is DIY! The centerpieces were all hand made and even partially carved by Ashley's cousin (who also crafted the 8 foot wooden he 8 foot wooden cross that stood behind them at the altar), the flowers were beautifully woven into a gorgeous bouquet and table decor by Ashley's sister, who spent the whole morning of the wedding putting together the brides bouquets and boutonnieres. Make sure to check those out, they're made from shotgun shells! But what would a wedding be without a loving bride and groom to tie it all together. The personal vows really made a high difference in the tone of the ceremony, and as they took communion together, Ashley's brother and sister sang to the gathering of 170 close friends and family. Doesn't sound like it could get better? It did! The bride and groom wowed the room with a TWO-STEP for their first dance, and continued to wear out their boots for the rest of the country-filled evening with live music.