We love surprise engagements around these parts! So whenever I receive one in my inbox, I can't wait to feature it.  This New Braunfels engagement is so sweet I can't stand it.  Can you imagine thinking you're receiving a pearl necklace from your boyfriend, only to turn around and see him down on one knee presenting a diamond engagement ring?  Talk about a story to tell your grand-kids.  Thankfully, Kelsey of Kelsey Butler Photography was there to witness the surprise and capture the entire event on camera.  Check out more lovely images in the gallery.

From Kelsey Butler Photography...Charity and Ian met at T Bar M Camps and began dating despite the stigma that "camp relationships don't work." Boy, did they prove that wrong! Ian and Charity are so obviously meant for each other. He's outgoing and incredibly confident, and she is sweet and completely full of joy. It didn't take long for Ian to know that Charity was the woman he was meant to be with for the rest of his life. He planned this super sweet proposal all without Charity suspecting a thing. He took her to a nice dinner and after they grabbed dessert, he took her to the Faust Bridge in New Braunfels, Texas. He presented her with a box, which held a beautiful pearl necklace. She turned her back to him so he could put it around her neck, and before she turned around, he had reached into his pocket, grabbed a small box and got down on one knee. There were tears, lots of laughter, and a big resounding "YES!"