One day an Aggie proposed to a Longhorn and somehow they managed to pull off one the most fun-filled affairs I've have ever posted here on 7 Centerpieces.  Seriously, I know I say this a lot, but this wedding looked like a ball of fun.  So much so, I wish I could have been there myself just to experience the celebration.  Debra of Debra Gulbas Photography captured every emotion of this Austin museum wedding-from the tear-filled father-daughter reveal to the  roaring reception that ended the night.  And let's not forget all of the pretty details-the dress, the candles and the amazing reception venue, The Bullock Texas State History Museum.  Whether your motto is "Gig 'Em" or "Hook 'Em", we can all agree that this couple put on an amazing wedding.  Check out even more fun in the gallery.

Engagement Ring
Wedding Venue
Wedding Venue
Bride and Groom
Groom's Wedding Cake

From the Bride...Clayton and I had been wanting to SUP (stand up paddle) on the lake for a while-we live in Austin and rarely have a chance to get out on the lake! We finally managed to make plans to do just that on June 7. I had paddled once before for my birthday a couple of years ago, but Clayton had never tried. For those of you who have never done this, it can be very intimidating! He did great starting off (other than the fact that I was going a little faster than he was, and he was asking me to slow down!). He decided to sit on his bottom and paddle-I was confused because the whole reason to do this is for the experience to try to stand up! Little did I know, he had a precious gift in his swimsuit pocket.

We paddled 30 minutes down the lake. I told Clayton we needed to turn around and go to the other side of the lake to paddle back since we only paid for 1 hour (I'm a big rule follower). He asked me to sit down on my board and hang out with him for a second next to this dock-ironic that it was the UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS rowing dock. Once I sat down on my board, I took a chance to look across the lake. It was a beautiful day so there were many people paddling and kayaking. I turned my head back around, and there was the beautiful diamond ring in Clayton's hand...being held above the water! I knew he was nervous when he said ever so quickly (and grabbed my right hand) "Molly, I love you so much. Will you marry me?"

The beautiful ring caught my eye of course, but what made me the happiest was that Clayton completely surprised me (what he told me was most important to him)! It was the best setting and best proposal ever! (Also, who would have thought an Aggie would propose to a Longhorn at the Texas rowing dock?!) I cried and of course said yes! He made me the happiest girl on that day!