Sometimes I receive weddings in my inbox that are just bursting with love. That's what happened when this Montgomery wedding fell in to my lap. My heart could not help but swell with positive feelings when I saw these images. The love between the couple and the families is just so evident. And I love that the bride and groom put on this rustic, chic affair with a budget in mind. It just proves that a stylish wedding can be achieved with any budget. Luke & Cat Photography did what they do best and captured some amazing images (we clearly cannot get enough of them). There's more to love about this wedding in the gallery.

From the Bride...We knew we were paying for the wedding mostly ourselves, so we sat down and thought about the things that were most, and least, important to us. We knew we wanted a beautiful venue (one that allowed us to bring in our own vendors) and a great photographer, so we built our budget around those two things. We went to a couple of weddings while we were engaged and made mental notes of the things we remembered, and the things that didn't have as big of an impact. We chose the end of December because we knew our family and friends would be able to come in from out of town and spend the holidays together, and bonus! our church would be decorated with beautiful Christmas trees and poinsettias, so we didn't have to decorate the church at all. The reception venue's stone and dark wood was perfect for our simple, yet elegant, rustic look we were going for. Our colors were gold, champagne, ivory and a little hint of blush, so we went around town finding gold and champagne-colored frames, and printed out our engagement pictures to put on tables to decorate the room. We are definitely able to re-use these in our house! With approximately 200 guests in attendance, we knew we would need a lot of tables and decorations. Josh's aunt and uncle had lanterns from a previous wedding, so we bought some candles for those, as well as extra votives to place around the table. We were able to find Christmas wreaths on sale and placed those around the lanterns, and put gold and champagne Christmas balls on them, so we were able to pull in our colors on the table. Now that we have 32 wreaths, we will be decorating them and giving everyone one for Christmas next year. We decorated on a budget, but we can re-use everything! Each week when we got coupons to craft stores, we would buy apothecary jars, and found candy that was gold/champagne colored, and created a candy buffet. It was a hit, and we can also re-use those jars around our house, or for other friends who have weddings coming up. Lastly, our family and friends are very important to us, so we found a saying on Etsy that said how much we appreciated everyone celebrating our special day with us. We found some fun paper to print it on, and put it at everyone's place setting at the tables. It was the perfect day, with our special touch!