If anyone ever tells you that you can't have a beautiful wedding on a budget, tell them they are mistaken and then show them this blog post!  This bride had the McKinney wedding of her dreams all on an extremely tight budget.  Instead of being frustrated by her budget, she got creative.  She scoured the web to find the best deals on anything and everything wedding related.  She used the help and support of her friends and family to help her set up on the evening before the wedding.  She arranged all of the personal flowers from flowers she picked out at Hobby Lobby.  And she even found her wedding dress at the Salvation Army for $99 after she heard that a bridal shop had gone out of business and donated all of their extra inventory to the non-profit organization.  How about that for resourcefulness!  To top it all off, she obtained Rachel Ledbetter to capture all of the thoughtfully planned details and the love and joy shared by the couple on their special day.  Yeah, she's one smart bride!