This Houston museum wedding is beyond gorgeous and filled to the brim with emotion and love! Aisha Khan of Ama Photography & Cinema sent us these breathtaking images and I can't get enough of all the emotion she captured in each photograph. The day stated off at Houston's Hotel Zaza where the bridal party prepared for the big day. The wedding celebration began with a traditional Catholic ceremony where the love between the bride and groom was so obviously on display. Finally, this couple rounded out their celebratory affair by having a stunning reception at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Even the downpour couldn't dampen their spirits and made for some amazing bride and groom shots!. Hop on over to the gallery to view more gorgeous images. 

Matching bridesmaid robes

From Ama Photography & Cinema..."God definitely blessed me with the perfect soul mate" - Kellie. Andy and Kellie are high school sweethearts who never let the love between them dwindle no matter the challenges put before them. Their love is based on their kindness and understanding of each other.