With a plethora of fancy hotels and indoor reception spaces, Texas is known for its ballroom weddings.  So it is so refreshing to see a couple think outside of the box with respect to a wedding venue.  This Houston Arboretum wedding showcases just how beautiful a wedding can be in a non-traditional venue.  This couple stayed true to themselves and created a wedding that reflected their style.  Smith House Photography worked their magic again and took some amazing photographs.  There's more to love in the gallery.

From  Smith House Photography...Julie and Dylan love the outdoors. They met in law school and had no hesitations moving to Colorado together upon graduation. They knew they wanted to get married in Julie's hometown, Houston, but were not on board for a southern ballroom reception or a Houston country club. Rather, they said their vows in the church where Julie's aunt had been the first bride many years before. Afterward they opted for a gorgeous indoor-outdoor reception at the Houston Arboretum. Perfectly styled sitting areas, a bluegrass band, and centerpieces from their law school days; their entire wedding day was filled to the brim with love and style.