There are some weddings I receive where the images just over take me. And then there are weddings where the story of the wedding really touches me. Well with this elegant Dallas wedding sent to us by Once Like a Spark Photography, I am overwhelmed by both the pictures and the story. The photographs reveal an amazingly stylish and well put together wedding--from the bride's stunning beaded dress to the rich decor of the Dallas Petroleum Club--it all comes together to create a stunning image. But then when you read about all of the personal touches this couple did to make their wedding special, it makes it that much more impressive. I mean the bride literally wrote her own father-daughter dance song--you can't get more personal that that! There's even more elegant images to devour in the gallery.

From Once Like a Spark Photography...Kate and Michael's marriage represented a union beyond just the happy couple. With four languages spoken throughout the wedding (Polish, Italian, Gaelic and English), family was the major theme of the event, full of personal touches and traditions. Michael, the son of Polish Immigrants, and Kate, the daughter of an Irish father and Italian mother from Boston, made sure to integrate their heritage from the "Avere, Tenere" (to have and to hold in Italian) signs accented with delicate garland on the backs of their chairs to cheers of "Sto Lat", a Polish wish for 100 years of happiness. Personal notes of gratitude to their guests at each place setting balanced the warmly lit candle and floral centerpieces of saturated greens, whites and deep burgundy, complementing the old-world rich wooden walls and chandeliers lining the ceiling of the Dallas Petroleum Club. After feeling as though there wasn't a song to adequately accompany the father-daughter dance, Kate wrote and recorded her own original piece to surprise her father with, a moment that brought tears even to the groom's eyes. Everything important to the couple, from the groom's passion for Texas A&M football to the bride's love of 90's rock, was captured in this timelessly romantic, intimate, and personal wedding celebration