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What can I say! There are not enough words to describe this DIY Austin wedding! It's one of the most beautifully planned and executed weddings we've featured. This young couple had friends and family help them to DIY almost every aspect of their wedding. And it just goes to show you that DIY doesn't have to mean amateur hour. Choose a beautiful venue (hello Allan House), incorporate affordable, but incredible fashion (I am looking at you J. Crew), and execute a well-planned affair, and you will produce a wedding fit for the magazine pages. Penelope L'Amore Photography was there to capture every DIY detail. There are more stunning images in the gallery.

From Penelope L'Amore Photography...This beautiful wedding was mostly a DIY affair put on by many friends and family. The theme was a New Orleans, old town feel. There were pralines, old southern style homemade gumbo with beans and rice, corn bread, corn on the cob and sausage and handheld fans for those in need of a cool down from the heat. Ladies in white lace and real bonified gentlemen. Everything had that southern style feel to the day.

The food was cooked by friends and family like a true southern wedding. All the setup and take down was done by friends and family as well. The ceremony talk and the officiants were given by family friends. Their wedding was a true family style, warm feeling event. The long family style tables were the perfect choice for their New Orleans Style sausage boil. The greenery that adorned the table added a natural feeling to the evening. Being under the twinkle light filled oak trees was so romantic. Songs from Lousie Armstrong and other classic iconic jazz artists filled the night air as they danced the night away.

Keane is an amazing musician. He wrote a love song for Phoebe for the day of their wedding. They were able to sneak off to the bridal suite and he sang her his love song about their wedding day and his love for her. To be able to hear it, would take your breath away! You can see in the photos him singing it to her. She was shy and was holding back real tears. She couldn't hold them back for long. She cried and was speechless when he finished. It was so sweet and special. 

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